High Quality Glow In The Dark Vinyl

High Quality Glow In The Dark Vinyl

  • Product Name: High-Quality-Glow-In-The-Dark-Vinyl
  • Product Size: 0.6*50m (other sizes can be customized according to the order quantity)
  • Product Thickness: 100micron±10micron
  • Product Color: 10 colors
  • Free sample available
  • Description


Luminous Brilliance: Crafted with precision and infused with specialized pigments, Glow In The Dark Vinyl emanates a radiant luminous glow, creating a visually stunning and enchanting effect in low-light settings.

Versatility in Applications: This vinyl product seamlessly integrates into diverse applications from decorative elements to cloth. Its adaptability allows for creative expression in various design contexts.

Extended Glow Duration: Glow In The Dark Vinyl's unique formulation enabled it to absorb and store light efficiently, ensuring a sustained and prolonged glow.

Durable and Weather-Resistant: Engineered for durability, it is designed to withstand the elements. It exhibits resilience against environmental factors, including weather conditions and UV exposure, ensuring reliable performance.

Available for Sale from Reputable SOURCE Factories: We are a Glow In The Dark Vinyl factory dedicated to quality production. Our factories utilize advanced techniques to ensure the material meets industry standards, providing customers with high-quality products for their diverse needs.


Product NameHigh-Quality Glow In The Dark Vinyl
10colors to choose
Operation Temperature
150℃ to 160℃
Heat Press Time
10 to 15 seconds
How to PeelHot or Warm Peel
Effectsoft and glow-in-dark


High Quality Glow In The Dark Vinyl


High Quality Glow In The Dark Vinyl


High Quality Glow In The Dark Vinyl


High Quality Glow In The Dark Vinyl

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